What Our Plans Include

Our plan packages offer a complete conceptual design of our homes. However, our working drawings are not fully engineered construction documents for a specific building site.

  • Foundation and floor-framing plans. This shows the foundation layout, including drawings for a slab or crawlspace. Only one type is included with each plan. Support walls and all necessary dimensions are part of this sheet. Please note that there is no beam layout included with foundation plans. Foundation plans must be engineered locally.

  • Dimensioned floor plans. Each floor of the house is shown in detail. The position and dimensions of walls, doors, windows, staircases, and columns are clearly indicated. Door and window sizes are also included.

  • Exterior elevations. These pages provide drawings of the front, rear, left, and right sides of the house. They also suggest the appropriate materials for the structure and detail work.

  • Building sections. These cross sections shows building construction. Also a typical wall from footings to roofline.

  • Suggested Electrical plans. Included are suggestions for the placement of switches, outlets, and fixtures. Local code and your builder will dictate exact placement.

  • Interior elevations. These include detailed drawings of cabinets, fireplaces, columns, other built-in units, or suggested trim profiles. Each plan has various degrees of detail.

  • Heating and plumbing plans. Due to regional variations in climate and building codes, heating and plumbing plans should be supplied by local contractors.

  • Material quantity lists. Once your personal selections are made (types of windows, doors, etc.), this list should be obtained from your contractor or from a local building materials supplier.

  • Architectural and engineering seals. Some cities and states require a licensed architect or engineer to review and seal a blueprint, or officially approve it, prior to construction due to concerns over energy costs, safety, and other factors. If you require a seal, please contact us for availability.